chapter 1

The History of Cannabis Use and Legalization in the United States

With nearly a third of the country supporting legal recreational cannabis, experts expect political leaders to become warmer to the idea of federal legalization. For many, it feels like a brand-new era is on the horizon.

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Chapter 2

How to Navigate a Cannabis Dispensary in 2021

The minimal, Spartan dispensaries of the early 2000s have transformed into legitimate, well-branded businesses with highly developed sales fronts and processes. Make the most of your experience by taking the following five steps:

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Chapter 3

Cannabinoids 101: What Are Cannabinoids and How Do They Work?

Many cannabis consumers are familiar with its most famous cannabinoids. Having a broad knowledge of what each substance does (and doesn’t do) can help consumers pick the cannabis products best-suited for their needs.

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Chapter 4

Cannabis Terpenes and Flavor Profiles Explained

There are hundreds of different strains of cannabis, and each one has a unique aroma. For cannabis consumers, that aroma plays a significant role in determining what “high-quality” cannabis really means.

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Chapter 5

Cannabis Edible Dosages Explained: How Much Is Too Much?

Many first-time cannabis users feel anxiety about edibles. It’s not always immediately clear how much to take. The following how-to guide will help you confidently determine how much you should eat to achieve the intended effect.

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Chapter 6

Get to Know the Cannabis Plant: Botany for Cannabis Users

While it is best known for its intoxicating properties, the cannabis plant itself has a large range of uses. It can make durable textiles, comfortable clothing, and strong rope, among many other more sustainable products.

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Chapter 7

Everything You Need to Know About Edibles & More

The wide availability of great-tasting edibles is a boon to consumers who don’t want to smoke. There are tons of different edible options on the market now, as well as a variety of form factors for cannabis consumers of all kinds.

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Chapter 8

Cannabis Flower, Strains, and Cultivation Methods Explained

Experienced cannabis consumers and newcomers alike want to know what the best cannabis strains are. Dispensary owners want to keep the most popular strains in stock, and cultivators want to prioritize their best-selling products.

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Chapter 9

Cannabis Concentrates Explained: Hash, Wax, Batter, Shatter, and Oil

Since cannabis became legal for recreational use in some states, cultivators and manufacturers have been finding new and innovative ways to deliver high-potency cannabis experiences. Cannabis concentrates have become incredibly popular.

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Chapter 10

Cannabis Tutorial: How to Get High for Beginners

For the average cannabis newcomer, looking at the plethora of products, options, and devices on display at a dispensary can be intimidating. We’ll cover how to get high using four of the most popular methods of consuming cannabis.

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